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This project focuses on the pretty spots of Cornwall, the hotspots, the independent shops that make Cornwall, and everything in between to uncover Cornish beauty from all kinds of perspectives. Treat this project as a guide to Cornwall and for me to take you on this journey to discover more of what Cornwall has to offer.


This project originated from my love of travelling to places outside of Cornwall to find out the characteristics of those places, and I thought, why not go to places local to me and down in the depths of Cornwall to highlight some beautiful parts.


I was hugely inspired by Siobhan Ferguson's Pretty City projects. She carried out 3 photo series based on London, New York, and Dublin, as well as currently finishing off a Paris one too. Her concept was to show off some pretty places around such as independent shops, cafes, restaurants, and no so obvious places. She would talk through the books as if she were your personal tour guide and talk through some recommended walking routes around these places. 

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